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[20 Jul 2005|09:32pm]

(ooc: Are we starting classes now? And could we have a class list please? And is only Elphaba able to take sorcery, Glinda and Elphaba, or whoever? Sorry for the barrage of questions :)
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[16 Jul 2005|04:36pm]
The cafe was crowded and loud yet it was still boring to Pfannee.  She took a small sip of her tea as she looked around.  If only Galinda were here.  Then we'd have some fun.  Just as those thoughts crossed her mind, she overheard a couple of boys talking about the "gorgeous blonde" they saw at Shiz.  It could be Galinda!  Pfannee put down her tea and rushed out of the cafe and towards Shiz.

As soon as she walked through the doors she saw Galinda sitting comfortably on a nearby couch.  Excited to see her friend again she walked over. 

"Galinda!  I'm so happy to see you! How was your summer?"

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Galinda [15 Jul 2005|11:19pm]


Galinda had left her room in hope of meeting a few of her fellow students, or at least someone to spend some time with. She hated being alone, and was always one to avoid it when she could. The Shiz common room seemed as good of a place to start as any, and Galinda took it upon herself to take a seat on a comfortable sofa, smooth her skirt, and wait for anyone that chose to come in and start up conversation. After all, it seemed as good of a way as any to meet people .. didn't it?

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[15 Jul 2005|06:48pm]
Pfannee walked down a hall, a flight of stairs and out the doors of Shiz. It was a bright and beautiful morning so she decided to take a walk and find a cafe or something to get a drink and maybe meet a few of her classmates.  Everything here is so oztastic!   Pfannee didn't have to walk long before she spotted a cute little cafe on a corner.  She walked in and looked around, happily surprised to see many, many people her age.  This is so great!  These must be all of my classmates.  She walked up to the counter and ordered a hot tea before sitting down at a small, unoccupied table.
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RPG [13 Jul 2005|11:13pm]

Nessa wheeled herself out of her room excitedly. She was going to the cafe, andwould hopefully meet some people who aren't snobby or socially idiotic. As she entered the cafe, she saw many people who looked like they may go to Shiz. Nessa decided that after she got her drink she would go and try to strike up a conversation with one of her fellow students. After waiting in a short line to get her tea, and zuccini bread, she noticed a girl, who was sitting at a relatively large table, and Nessa decided there was room enough for her. Nessa wheeled over to the girl and said, nervously "Um...Hi."
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(RPG) Cafe [13 Jul 2005|10:08am]

[ mood | relaxed ]

        A cool, crisp breeze blew, signaling that autumn was arriving. Skylie walked to town, grateful for her poncho. Perfect time for a warm drink... She took her time and looked around a bit before finding a nice cafe. Going inside, she noted that is was quite comfy. The main colors were maroon, and a nice gold color, which helped to create the cozy atmosphere.

        Skylie went up to the counter and ordered a mint tea and oz-berry muffin, then sat down in a table by the window...

(ooc: Feel free to RP  :) )

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[13 Jul 2005|12:02am]

Dear Diary
Well I'm al settled in and I've been trying to go to sleep, but I keep hearing people walking around. You think after living in Quaddling Country for most of my life, I'd be used to uncomfortable sleeping, but I'm not. Tomorrow I'll go around the school and try to meet some people. It's not like I don't know anyone, but Elphaba is so anti-social, and her roommate, Galinda, is kind of snobby. I wonder if there are some nice people from Munchkinland around here somewhere. I sure hope so. I'm going to go out and see who is making all that noise, and probably come right back in and go to sleep.

Until next time,
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[12 Jul 2005|11:36pm]

ok i have been w/o power for days and so now im all confused. help?
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