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Shiz University

A Wicked RPG

Shiz University: A Wicked RPG
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.. in our days at dear old shiz ..
welcome to shiz univeristy: a wicked rpg. this roleplay is sort of an alternate forum for wicked! (both the musical and the novel) and is still undergoing some construction and development. we are in a very early stage, but the community will be growing!

the rpg itself
dear old shiz will follow the storyline of wicked!, but rather loosely so. the story will begin at shiz university on the students' first day, and many of the same events will take place. (i.e. elphaba and galinda will be roommates, nessarose will be wheelchair-bound or armless, depending on the player's preference, etc.) however, this is where the creativity of the members comes in. we are not binding this roleplay to any specific rules regarding pairings/relationships/etc. so if boq and nessarose actually fall in love, then so be it. if galinda and fiyero get involved in a relationship and choose to stay there, again so be it. there will be no limitations as far as those things go.

the plot and story
shiz university has just re-opened for the new school term, and new students are arriving, filled with both excitement and anxiety alike. this is the first year that shiz has accepted so many new students, and those with previously established status on the campus will find themselves surrounded by new people and new opportunities. (more coming soon!)

character application
yes, an application will be needed to join, simply to avoid any sort of conflict or character duplication. original characters are welcome, so don't hesitate to apply if you have one, but just remember that we have to keep this realistic. for example, elphaba cannot have her mother come back from the dead, galinda cannot have a sibling, etc. we need to keep some form of structure. however, if you choose to apply, please complete the following application and send it to pink.glitter@gmail.com to be reviewed.

Name: (whatever you'd like to be called)
Character's name:
Character's age:
Character's race:
Sample Post: (please send both a roleplaying post and a sample journal entry for your character.)

character list

canon characters
elphaba - mizzelphaba
galinda upland - shizprincess
fiyero -
nessarose - witch_with_b
boq -
madame morrible -
dr. dillamond -
the wizard -
pfanee - pfannee
shenshen -

original characters
skylie - sky_bird