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Nessa wheeled herself out of her room excitedly. She was going to the cafe, andwould hopefully meet some people who aren't snobby or socially idiotic. As she entered the cafe, she saw many people who looked like they may go to Shiz. Nessa decided that after she got her drink she would go and try to strike up a conversation with one of her fellow students. After waiting in a short line to get her tea, and zuccini bread, she noticed a girl, who was sitting at a relatively large table, and Nessa decided there was room enough for her. Nessa wheeled over to the girl and said, nervously "Um...Hi."
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"Hi.", Skylie replied. "I'm Skylie. Who are you?"
"I'm Nessarose," she quitely replied. "I am a new student at Shiz, are you?



12 years ago

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"Yes." Skylie took a sip of tea. "What classes are you taking?"
"Um, the basics right now, I'm signed up for Sorcery, but I may not take it," Nessa stated. "And you?"
"Same." Skylie smiled. "Looking forward to your year at Shiz? I am. Free of parents and siblings. It's not that I don't love them, but sometimes it's nice to not have people telling you what to do, you know?"


July 18 2005, 19:13:42 UTC 12 years ago

"I am so excited, but I don't get to be free of my both siblings, because my older sister Elphaba is here at Shiz. I still will have at least one person telling me what to do," said Nessa with a slightly anoyed sigh. "It is good to be somewhat independant though, isn't it?"
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"Yeah. It is wonderful. Oh that reminds me, I need to write home. That can be done tomorrow, though." She took a bite of muffin. "Mmmm... These are good!"
"Oz-berry?" Nessa inquired. "Mind if I try a bit?"
"Sure", said Skylie, handing over some of the muffin. "These are my favorite!"
"It is good," said Nessa taking a bite. "So ahve you enjoyed your first days here?"
"Well..." Skylie paused for a second, a slightly troubled look crossed her face. "For the most part...."
"Why is that?" Nessa asked. "Are you just not used to it here, or is something wrong?"
"Oh no, just an incedent that occured, nothing major." Skylie sipped her tea and tried to change the subject. "Have you been to the library yet? It so much better than the one at home...."
"No I haven't. Have you found any good books?" Nessa asked really wanting to know about the incedent Skylie was speaking of.
"Yes I have. They have an excellent astronomy section! I've been getting alot of books on that topic. Some about Animals, because that happens to be near by..." Skylie sipped her tea, and went on. "Speaking of Animals, what's your opinon on the Banns?"
"I don't know to much about the Banns, but if you want a big disscussion on them you should talk to my sister," replied Nessa. She then sipped her tea, trying to think of how to bring up the "incedent" Skylie mentioned. "So has anything interesting come up in these books?"
"Not really. Nothing much happens in Astronomy. It's one of the more, well, ignored sciences. Life Sciences is studied much more."
"Did you get any books on other subjects?" Nessa asked. "I, myself, am not very interested in either of those subjects."
"Oh, really? Well, I have gotten some miscelanious(sp?) books. Random things. Psychology, plants... Usualy are difficult to follow as I know nothing about those subjects." Skylie paused for a bit. "Have you heard any rumors about... supernatural occurences at Shiz?"
"What supernatural occourences," Nessa asked. "Something big, or was it just my sister, and her odd powers again?"
"No, just some footsteps outside the hall. They occured over and over, and-" Skylie stopped, looking a bit confused. "Wait, what?"
"Oh my sister?" Nessa paused not wanting to discuss Elphaba's ablities here. "Well my sister, Elphaba, is at school here too, and she is "talented" I suppose, in Socery, but she doesn't have a lot of control over her powers, and she "displayed" them a few days ago." Nessa stopped for a moment, then continued with, "but about these footsteps, I may have heard them a few days after I came here, but I haven't heard them recently."
"Hmm.." said Skylie. "I've been hearing those footsteps for days nows. Keep me up and scare me to death... Some girl says it could be my father trying to contact me. Ridiculous..." Skylie sipped her tea.
"I don't know how ridiculous that is," Nessa replied cautiously. "Sometimes I swear my mother is trying to get in touch with me, I can just feel it." "But I don't think that if it were you father, that I or other people could have heard it."
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